Étterem, Kecskemét étterem, Bagatell, torkos csütörtök

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Sándor Kovács


I have worked in this wonderful profession for 30 years and I am its committed devotee. Beside my family I spend most of my time on my profession. I have been a master chef for 15 years since then I have engaged in gastronomy. I have participated in gastronomic Olympics and world championships several times. As an individual competitor my performance in Category A was remunerated with a golden medal.
The last time I represented Hungary as the chef of the National Chef Team and won an ‘all in one’ Silver Medal as having participated both in cold and hot cuisine which was the best Hungarian achievement of the last 20 years. Beside these as the first Hungarian participant I attended the European Final of the most acknowledged hot cuisine competition of the world, the Bocuse d’Or. The Hungarian National Gastronomy Association rewarded my accomplishment with a ’Venesz’ award.